15 July 2024

Each of us has at least one personal remembrance of a horror or suspense film that made an everlasting impression on us. We asked a diverse cross-section of people to give us their thoughts on any particular movie in the genre, and write about whatever came to mind.

The Terror Trap is proud to present this exclusive collection of memories and anecdotes from a group that includes actresses Helene Udy, Robin Sherwood and Teri McMinn, actors Jackson Bostwick and Mark Patton, playwright Charles Busch, film critic Maitland McDonagh, authors Adam Rockoff, Donna Marie Nowak, Michael Karol, Troy Howarth and Peter Joseph Swanson, as well as all of our regular contributors and a few special guests.

Some are serious, some lighthearted. Director David Schmoeller discusses the connection between Halloween and his own Tourist Trap, while actress/author Jessica Harper dares to expose the dark truth behind a beloved children's classic.

All are testament to the power of fear to stay with us...long after the last reel.

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