27 May 2024
TV Terror: A Listing of TV Horror Films 1969-1983
TV Terror: The Spielberg Touch
TV Terror: Dan Curtis
TV Terror: Satan, Witches and Possession
TV Terror: Things that Go Bump in the Night
TV Terror: Desert Horror
TV Terror: True Crime
TV Terror: Retribution, TV Style
TV Terror: Killers, Chillers and Thrillers
TV Terror: Alfred Hitchcock Presents
TV Terror: Hammer House of Horror
The Cat Creature Curtis Harrington 1973
Dark Night of the Scarecrow Frank DeFelitta 1981
Death at Love House E.W. Swackhamer 1976
Don't Be Afraid of the Dark John Newland 1973
Dying Room Only Philip Leacock 1973
Frankenstein: The True Story Jack Smight 1973
Gargoyles B.W.L. Norton 1972
A Gun in the House Ivan Nagy 1981
Helter Skelter Tom Gries 1976
Home for the Holidays John Llewellyn Moxey 1972
The Initiation of Sarah Robert Day 1978
Night Terror E.W. Swackhamer 1977
The Savage Bees Bruce Geller 1976
The Stranger Within Lee Philips 1974
Summer of Fear Wes Craven 1978
Trilogy of Terror Dan Curtis 1975
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