18 June 2024
Two on a Guillotine (1965)
107 min.
Directed by William Conrad.
With Cesar Romero, Connie Stevens, Dean Jones, Virginia Gregg, Parley Baer, Connie Gilchrist.
An obscure '60s shocker.

Famed stage magician Duke Duquesne (Romero) is emotionally devastated when his wife Melinda mysteriously disappears - especially after he spent a pretty penny on an expensive new guillotine beheading trick.

Heartbroken, Duke dies of loneliness and leaves his entire fortune to his estranged daughter Cassie (Stevens)...if she'll spend a series of nights alone in the old Duquesne mansion.

Sure enough, it's not long before creepy phenomena threaten to drive Cassie screaming in madness from the place!

This harmless mid '60s horror is neither inventive or daring in approach, but it is well acted (Stevens does double duty as both Melinda and Cassie) and beautifully shot by cinematographer Sam Leavitt.

Romero is woefully underused here, but when he does appear, it's both enjoyable and worth the wait.

Interestingly, this was directed by actor William Conrad, of Cannon and Jake and the Fatman fame.

Also boasts a score by legendary composer Max Steiner.

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