18 June 2024
Toxic Zombies (1980)
89 min.
Directed by Charles McCrann.
With Charles Austin, Beverly Shapiro, Dennis Helfend, John Amplas, Paul Haskin, Judith Brown.
In an effort to stave off the growing of marijuana on government-owned lands, federal agents spray rural crop fields with a dangerous and unapproved toxin.

The poison stops the pot...but also turns a ragtag group of weedgrowing hippies into the fleshchomping living dead!

Low budget effort never really rises above average but does manage a nice late '70s rough edged mood and boasts a few cool moments, including a bloody hand lopping as well as a spirited eye gouging.

Austin and Shapiro are decent as the unassuming lead couple caught unaware in the midst of the undead fracas, while Amplas (of George Romero's 1977 Martin) costars as the bad fed who gets his in the end.

Not the worst, zombieheds might find something of redemption herein. Spots of energetic gore.

Also known as Bloodeaters.

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