18 June 2024
Tower of Evil (1972)
89 min.
Directed byJim O'Connolly.
With Bryant Halliday, Jill Haworth, Mark Edwards, Anna Palk, Jack Watson, Derek Fowlds, William Lucas, Anthony Valentine, Dennis Price, George Coulouris, Candace Glendenning, Gary Hamilton.
A surprisingly adroit little British slasher, Tower of Evil is a revelatory sleeper.

A series of gruesome murders are discovered on foggy Snape Island off the English coast. The police believe poor Penny (Glendenning) - the sole survivor of the massacre - must be the deranged killer.

But when one of the murder weapons turns out to be an ancient Phoenician artifact, a team of London archaeologists begin to wonder if there's more undiscovered loot on the island.

They set out for the mysterious island in hopes of unearthing some hidden treasure.

Wrong move. What they find will be beyond their most horrific imaginings!

A whole lotta early '70s fun, Tower of Evil is an equal opportunity exploitation flick, featuring lots of shots of both naked women and men.

The bevy of nasty murders are executed with flair and zest, reminding us of Mario Bava's Bay of Blood as well as the then yet-to-be Friday the 13th.

The opening scene - in which two fishermen discover a couple of corpses and a naked, bloodied woman who maniacally attacks them with a knife - is wonderfully done, and sets the tone for the rest of this unsung little gem.

Definitely a must see.

Also known as Horror on Snape Island and re-released as Beyond the Fog (after the success of John Carpenter's The Fog).

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