18 June 2024
Tombs of the Blind Dead (1971)
86 min.
Directed by Amando de Ossorio.
With Lone Fleming, Cesar Bruner, Helen Harp, Joseph Thelman, Maria Sylva, Rufing Ingelis.
Very original and eerie Spanish zombie flick.

Starts off in the 1200s as we watch a group of devil-worshipping monks torture a woman and then suck her blood.

They're put to death for their deeds - their eyes pecked out by black crows - and end up haunting the abandoned monastery for eternity, killing and sucking the blood of anyone unfortunate enough to trespass.

The first of four Blind Dead movies by Ossorio, this introduces the Knights Templar, an extremely creepy, blind, slowmoving horror original.

Seeking out (and killing) the bodies of several young people who happen to trespess on their abandoned monastery, the Knights are a beautiful creation for the horror canon, whether pursuing their victims sonically or on slow motion horseback.

The ending on the train is a perfect capper to this unique creeper.

Also known as The Night of the Blind Terror.

Followed by Return of the Blind Dead (1973).

Spanish: La noche del terror ciego.

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