18 June 2024
This House Possessed (1981)
90 min.
Directed by William Wiard.
With Joan Bennett, Lisa Eilbacher, Parker Stevenson, Shelley Smith, Slim Pickens, Amanda Wyss.
Suffering a nervous breakdown, soft rock crooner Gary (Stevenson) is hospitalized and there he meets lovely nurse Sheila (Eilbacher).

Deciding on some downtime, Gary hires Sheila as his private nurse and purchases a large, secluded ultramodern house where the two can rest and relax.

But before long, a visitor is crushed between the electronic entry gates...Gary's ex-girlfriend takes a shower in blood...and what's the deal with that creepy trash lady (Bennett) who putters about town whispering '....Margaret'?

This rare TV horror plays the game well, hitting all the right marks and then some.

Attractive leads Stevenson and Eilbacher (so good in 1983's 10 to Midnight) have a nice chemistry, while screen vet Bennett (Suspiria) is 100% weird here.

Buoyed by some decent death sequences and a madcap 'talkin' to the house' ending, this spirited teleterror mirrors well the early '80s vibe of its big screen contemporaries.

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