18 June 2024
Theatre of Death (1967)
89 min.
Directed by Samuel Gallu.
With Christopher Lee, Lelia Goldoni, Jenny Till, Julian Glover, Evelyn Laye, Ivor Dean, Joseph Furst.
A moderate horror in the style of a late '60s Hammer horror.

Set in Paris, the Theatre du Mort is an odd acting company: it specializes in recreating gruesome murders and grisly horrors live on stage.

The Theatre's manager, Philippe Darvas (Lee), is an equally bizarre fellow: a dark, brooding man who exercises a hypnotic sway over the young ladies in his troupe.

Darvas is working on the Theatre's next production - a play about vampires - while suddenly people begin to be found murdered...with puncture marks present on their necks.

Could there be a connection between the murders in the city, and Darvas' eccentric acting company?

Based on the real Theatre du Grand Guignol, this middling horror has some modest atmosphere - and the presence of Lee - to recommend it.

But ultimately, it's an average, rather grey affair that fails to distinguish itself.

Also known as Blood Fiend.

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