18 June 2024
Terror on Tour (1980)
88 min.
Directed by Don Edmonds.
With Rick Styles, Chip Greenman, Dave Galluzzo, Rich Pemberton, Larry Thomas, Jeff Morgan, Lisa Rodriguez, Dave Thompson.
Lamentable slasher trash.

The Clowns are a glam rock band who dress in tight spandex, wear full KISS makeup and frizzy fright wigs and who, during their performances, employ fake-blood theatrics a la Ozzy & Alice.

No, wait. The horror hasn't started yet.

Someone dressed as one of the Clowns begins killing the band's female groupies.

(Since there seems to be a surplus of these nameless drug-addled nymphettes, we're not sure how - or why - anyone even notices their dwindling numbers.)

But soon an investigation is underway to find the real psycho. Could it be a Clown band member? A Clown wannabe? Just a wayward clown?

From the producer of the Christmas slasher To All a Good Night (1980) comes...this poorly made splatter mess.

The surprisingly workable story idea is unhinged by novice acting, cheap production values and a hollow finale.

Purely for slasher completists.

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