18 June 2024
Terror at Tenkiller (1986)
87 min.
Directed by Ken Meyer.
With Stacy Logan, Dale Buckmaster, Mike Wiles, Dean Lewis, Michele Merchant, Kevin Meyer, Michael Shamus Wiles.
Poor slasher filmed in and around Lake Tenkiller, Oklahoma.

Ready for a vacation, Leslie (Logan) and Jana (Merchant) head out to Tenkiller to cool their jets. But no sooner do the two young women get settled than some hack begins killing various locals.

Could the maniac be Leslie's unstable boyfriend Josh?

Will either of the gals escape alive?

Who cares. This amateurish, low budget stalk pic is a real yawner and hardly worth the viewing, thanks to a noticeable absence of either tension or dramatic suspense.

Ho hum characters and an utter lack of pacing only make matters worse. It remains to be seen whether Okies have it in them to craft a great backwoods splatter flick ala Friday the 13th, but unfortunately this ain't it. By a long shot.

Genre fans will seek this out anyway, but everyone else will want to avoid the mindless morass that is Tenkiller.

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