18 June 2024
Ten Little Indians (1975)
99 min.
Directed by Peter Collinson.
With Oliver Reed, Elke Sommer, Richard Attenborough, Stephane Audran, Charles Aznavour, Herbert Lom, Gert Frobe, Maria Rohm.
Third cinematic outing for the classic Agatha Christie story (the first was in 1945, the second in 1965).

A group of strangers are gathered at a remote hotel in the middle of the Iranian desert, at the request of a mysterious - and unseen - host.

There, they discover they've been invited because each of them is guilty of a horrendous crime. And now it's time for them to pay!

Soon, someone begins killing the posse...one by one by one.

Could someone in their group have an unknown reason for wanting all the guests dead? What little Indian will be left standing?

Some gorgeous art/set design and a capable cast grace this decently orchestrated fare; Reed and Sommer especially are nice to see together while Attenborough shines in his...final moments.

Great score by Bruno Nicolai.

Also known as And Then There Were None.

Based on the original 1939 Christie novel.

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