27 May 2024
Sugar Hill (1974)
90 min.
Directed by Paul Maslansky.
With Marki Bey, Don Pedro Colley, Robert Quarry, Richard Lawson, Zara Cully, Betty Anne Rees, Charles Robinson, Rick Hagood.
This blaxploitation zombie effort is kinda fun!

After her boyfriend Langston is murdered by a group of hoods wanting to steal his business, curvy Diana 'Sugar' Hill (Bey) visits a local witch woman (Cully, Mother Jefferson from TV's The Jeffersons) to exact some supernatural revenge.

Soon, Diana is in firm command of a black posse of walking dead...and they're willing and able to kill any their master deems!

Highlighted by a cool sequence with the zombie stiffs rising from their earthen tombs (ala Fulci, in a way) and some decent kills (a beheading, death by rabid pigs, a forced suicide).

Charming Bey makes for a sassy leading lady (great line: 'Hey, whitey!') and Colley is playfully spunky as the smilin' voodoo lord Samedi.

Best scene: the horrible 'buried alive with snakes' sequence.

Robert Quarry from 1970's Count Yorga is onhand as a villainous heavy.

Also known as The Zombies of Sugar Hill.

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