18 June 2024
Strange Behavior (1981)
99 min.
Directed by Michael Laughlin.
With Michael Murphy, Louise Fletcher, Fiona Lewis, Dan Shor, Dey Young, Scott Brady, Marc McClure, Arthur Dignam, Charles Lane, Elizabeth Chesire.
From the director of 1983's Strange Invaders comes this slightly offbeat New Zealand-lensed horror that manages several genuine moments of success.

Normal teenagers in a sleepy little Illinois town are being turned into zombie-like murderers as part of a bizarre experiment by deranged scientist Dr. Parkinson (Lewis).

The local sheriff John Brady (Murphy) begins an investigation into the recent slayings.

A 'strange' little film, with a few nice touches of humor and a bodycount that's understated.

Hands down, the weirdest scene has to be the choreographed party dance to the classic 1965 Lou Christie song Lightnin' Strikes!

With a score by the German electronica band Tangerine Dream.

Also known as both Dead Kids as well as Small Town Massacre.

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