18 June 2024
Stanley (1972)
106 min.
Directed by William Grefé.
With Chris Robinson, Alex Rocco, Susan Carroll, Steve Alaimo, Mark Harris, Marcie Knight, Gary Crutcher, Paul Avery.
Disillusioned Vietnam veteran Tim Ochopee (Robinson) lives deep in the Everglades, fraternizing with few humans and keeping to himself.

"Family" for Tim consists of the countless hordes of pet snakes he's gathered about him...his favorite among them the subdued rattler 'Stanley.'

But when he learns the vicious truth about his own father's untimely death, nature-loving Tim snaps...and lets loose his scaly minions on those who now deserve just revenge.

No argument here, this bears more than a passing resemblance to 1971's Willard.

But manages a few good moments, including the death of an exotic dancer and her manager by Tim's beloved crawlers.

Above all, Robinson (perhaps best known for his long running role on the daytime soap opera General Hospital) gives a solid show as Tim, with a slow mental deterioration that culminates in a fiery, loyalty-free climax.

A great lazy afternoon watch.

Director Grefé would go on to helm other feature horrors such as Impulse (1974) starring William Shatner and The Jaws of Death (1976) with Richard Jaeckel.

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