18 June 2024
Stage Fright (1987)
90 min.
Directed by Michele Soavi.
With David Brandon, Barbara Cupisti, John Morghen, Martin Philips, Lori Parrel, Mary Sellars.
Michele Soavi's 1987 directorial debut is a successful flourish of Argento-style theatrics and pounding suspense.

The cast of an avant garde rock musical is holding an all night rehearsal, while across town a psychotic killer manages to escape from a mental hospital.

Take one guess who pays them a visit...and begins eliminating them one by one.

There are some nice images here from Dario Argento friend and director Soavi, among them the owl's head mask the killer takes from one of his victims and wears during his murders.

Just oddly enough reminiscent of the bear outfit in 1982's Girls Nite Out...it's unnerving in an unexplainable way.

Known by a seemingly endless string of other titles, such as Deleria, Aquarius, and Bloody Bird, we're not quite sure this deserves so many aliases.

Soavi would go on to helm several other genre efforts, including The Devil's Daughter (1991) and Cemetery Man (1994).

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