18 June 2024
Splatter University (1984)
78 min.
Directed by Richard W. Haines.
With Francine Forbes, Ric Randig, Dick Biel, Kathy LaCommare, Laura Gold, Denise Texiera.
Bottom of the barrel slasher holds few surprises and even less thrills.

A deranged psycho escapes from an asylum and begins a local killing spree at the nearby St. Trinians College.

Meanwhile, good natured teacher Julie (Forbes) is new on the job and ready to prove herself...Little does she know it may not be long before the madman and his blade find their way to her!

Marred by low production values, shoddy acting, and blasphemous editing, Splatter explores humdrum slasher territory with nary a real scare in sight.

Forbes seems eager to please and stands out (marginally) as the new prof, but the rest of the cast is woefully average at best.

A few titters of hilarity ensue (a stabbing in the crotch, a knife down the throat), but it's never enough and it's always poorly paced. The predictable identity of the killer is neither shocking nor interesting.


Also known as Campus Killings.

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