27 May 2024
Scarecrows (1988)
83 min.
Directed by William Wesley.
With Victoria Christian, Michael Simms, Ted Vernon, Richard Vidan, Kristina Sanborn, B.J. Turner.
Scarecrows finally come into their own in the horror genre with this scary number.

Having just completed a lucrative heist, a group of guerilla thieves take flight aboard a plane.

When one of them intends to abscond with the $3 million in stolen booty, and parachutes out over a field, the others set out to pursue this traitor.

The problem?

The zombified scarecrows who watch over the field don't care about money, thieves or heists.

All these mean-spirited, supernatural creatures care about is dispatching any trespassers with the maximum amount of bloodletting.

This solid horror benefits from a claustrophobic atmosphere, wonderfully slow pacing, awesome special effects and some nice allegorical plotwork.

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