18 June 2024
Revenge of the Stepford Wives (1980)
95 min.
Directed by Robert Fuest.
With Arthur Hill, Don Johnson, Sharon Gless, Julie Kavner, Mason Adams, Audra Lindley, Ed Bell, Stephanie Blackmore, David Boyle.
Decent TV sequel to the classic psychological shocker.

The Stepford Wives stars Sharon Gless, who's very good as a reporter from the big city investigating why Stepford has the lowest crime and divorce rates in the country.

Julie Kavner fills in Paula Prentiss' big shoes as the sassy friend who becomes entrapped in the town's dirty secret.

There's a little more humor here than in the original (Audrey Lindley is particularly amusing as the drone sent to get rid of Gless) and the process of transforming the women into the "perfect wife" is decidedly different this time around.

The conclusion is thrilling and serves as an upbeat counterpart to the events in the '75 original.

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