21 July 2024
Raw Meat (1972)
87 min.
Directed by Gary Sherman.
With Donald Pleasence, Norman Rossington, David Ladd, Sharon Gurney, Hugh Armstrong, June Turner, Clive Swift, James Cossins, Heather Stoney, Christopher Lee.
A very cool cannibal horror from the director of the adept zombie effort Dead & Buried (1981).

It's 1892. A group of miners working in a London tube station are trapped underground after an unexpected cave-in.

All are presumed dead...

Decades later, contemporary London finds itself plagued with a series of mysterious disappearances and presumed murders.

Inspector Calhoun (Pleasence) is assigned to investigate the case. But the trail of clues lead him down in to the London Underground.

Could it be possible? Could the band of workers have survived all these years, generation by generation, from family to family? And if so, how? What did they eat...?

A near perfect terror film, boasting some eye-popping gore FX and a pre-Texas Chainsaw mood of disturbing grit, bones and grue.

Pleasence is surprisingly effective as the police investigator, while Lee appears on hand briefly in a cameo as a military intelligence agent.

Highly recommended.

Also known as Death Line.

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