15 July 2024
Rats (1983)
97 min.
Directed by Bruno Mattei.
With Richard Raymond, Alex McBride, Richard Cross, Ann Gisel Glass, Janna Ryann, Jean-Christophe Brétigniere, Fausto Lombardi, Henry Luciani.
Amusing Italian apocalyptic horror from director Mattei (1981's Hell of the Living Dead).

In the year 2230, a group of scavengers on motorbikes roam the countryside desperately looking for sustenance.

But all they find are hordes of flesh hungry (and nuclear-mutated) rodents - en masse!

Silly, but not without a few moments of pure delight. There's some fun flamethrowing action and a bunch of forced rat setups.

Also known as Rats: Night of Terror.

Italian title: Notte di Terrore.

Lovers of this sort of fare would also do well by Sergio Martino's After the Fall of New York (1983).

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