18 June 2024
Out of Contention (1972)
75 min.
Directed by Herschel Daugherty.
With Elizabeth Montgomery, Eileen Heckart, Sue Anne Langdon, George Maharis, Jess Walton, Richard Derr, Ross Elliott, George Jue, Joe Furlong.
Likable TV horror makes for a late night hot toddy.

After her sister Susan encounters some bumpy marital woes, Kate (Montgomery) decides to spend some time with her sibling, and so she travels to Susan's remote country house.

Only...someone has killed Susan and stuffed her body in the basement!

As a savage thunderstorm rages on outside, will Kate uncover the dark truth?

Is creepy housekeeper Mrs. Hawkes (Heckart) somehow responsible?

Elizabeth Montgomery (of TV's long running sitcom Bewitched) delivers a solid performance here, a mostly one woman show that's punctuated by a nice display of lungpower at the rainy climax.

An evocative atmosphere with at least one good Alfred Hitchcock suspense touch - we're not telling - and an overall air of early '70s menace.

Known also as The Victim.

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