21 June 2024
The Orphan (1979)
80 min.
Directed by John Ballard.
With Peggy Feury, Mark Owens, Stanley Church, David Foreman, Jane House, Malachy McCourt, Joanna Miles, Eleanor Stewart, Donn Whyte.
After the death of his father and mother, ten year old David (Owens) goes to live with his aunt Martha (Feury).

Yet, David can find little rapport with his aunt and soon withdraws into a strange world of nightmares and fantasies.

But on Friday the 13th, will his reservoir of anger let loose upon those who only wish to help him?

This okay horror has too few distinguishing moments: Owens is pleasant enough as David, while Feury holds the occasionally muddled action together with an aloof calmness.

David's 'vision' of an orphanage is interesting; there's also a nice scene of the stabbing murder of Mary the cook. And the apt ending goes well with the Janis Ian theme song.

Also known as Friday the 13th: The Orphan.

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