18 June 2024
Lust for a Vampire (1971)
96 min.
Directed by Jimmy Sangster.
With Ralph Bates, Suzanna Leigh, Barbara Jefford, Michael Johnson, Yutte Stensgaard, Mike Raven, Pippa Steel, David Healy.
This is the middle entry in Hammer Films' Karnstein trilogy (preceded by Vampire Lovers in 1970 and followed by Twins of Evil in 1971).

And it's a solid outing in its own right.

Carmilla (the lovely Stensgaard, in a role intended for Ingrid Pitt) is revived by the blood of a peasant girl and begins terrorizing a local finishing school near the Karnstein castle.

Johnson is good as the writer who can't get Mircalla (aka Carmilla) out of his head, while Suzanna Leigh is fetching as the heroine who tries to get him to wake up.

Hammer writer Sangster turns director here - this was his second directorial effort for the studio, his first being The Horror of Frankenstein the prior year - and does a worthy job.

There's a nice opening rejuvenation sequence with the Count and Countess reviving their beloved Carmilla. And a fiery climax that doesn't entirely finish business.

Also known as To Love a Vampire.

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