05 December 2023
Lemora: A Child's Tale of the Supernatural (1973)
85 min.
Directed by Richard Blackburn.
With Cheryl Smith, Lesley Gilb, William Whitton, Steve Johnson, Maxine Ballantyne, Hy Pyke, Richard Blackburn, Parker West.
This stylized fairy tale makes for an unusual horror.

When her gangster father is abducted by a mysterious queen deep within the forest, innocent little Lila (Smith) sets out to reunite with Pops and dispense some Christian-style forgiveness.

Through the woods Lila goes, but upon her way she meets dark lady Lemora (Gilb, in a mesmerizing performance), a host of undead zombies, an army of renegade bloodsuckers and a creepy pack of craven children.

Whew. Sound weird?

A surreal terror that boasts some inspired creativity, Lemora is a unique effort worth the viewer's time thanks to its lush color palette, Smith's spirited performance, a beautiful score and the overall moody vibe right out of a Grimms Fairy tale.

And while it never reaches the sublime level it could have, still this bizarre little watch is always captivating.

Also known as Lemora, the Lady Dracula.

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