30 May 2024
JAWS 2 (1978)
117 min.
Directed by Jeannot Szwarc.
With Roy Scheider, Lorraine Gray, Murray Hamilton, Jeffrey Kramer, Joseph Mascolo, Ann Dusenberry, Donna Wilkes, Keith Gordon, Mark Gruner, Collin Wilcox, Barry Coe.

Time has (generally) been kind to this above average sequel to one of the biggest phenomenons of all cinema.

Roy Scheider returns as Chief Brody, trying to convince the Amity authorities that a Great White is once again on the prowl.

But the small town's authorities don't believe Brody's hysterics, and ignorantly decide to move forward with hosting a popular sailing regatta.

Can you guess what decides to come a-munchin' on some sailboats and salty teenagers?

A fun film, this one is boosted by some exciting set pieces and a wonderful cast of mostly teens.

Plus, there's an overwrought, electrifying finale that must be seen to be believed.

Director Szwarc, who had helmed 1975's Bug so well, was a replacement for John Hancock and did an admirable job in a difficult situation - namely following up one of the biggest commercial hits of all time.

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