15 July 2024
It's Alive! (1969)
80 min.
Directed by Larry Buchanan.
With Tommy Kirk, Shirley Bonne, Bill Thurman, Annabelle MacAdams, Corveth Ousterhouse.
Bloodless matinee fare.

Deep in the Ozarks, a married couple from New York (Ousterhouse, Bonne) find themselves stranded at a local tourist trap when their car runs out of gas off the main road.

The gruff proprietor (Thurman) proves less than hospitable: he plans to feed the wayward duo to a prehistoric lizard creature he keeps captive in an underground cave on the property.

A hapless paleontologist (Kirk) is thrown in as an appetizer for the monster...and soon the trio find themselves prisoners.

Can the three overpower the amphibious creeper that prowls about them?

Low budget horror from director Buchanan (1967's Creature of Destruction) lacks any chills and is marred by a *hopelessly* long flashback with MacAdams and Thurman (sans much dialogue...zzz).

The opener with the couple getting lost is mildly effective - as it's helped by an ominous kind of Texas Chainsaw Massacre-style voiceover - but the rest is a poorly acted snoozer.

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