18 June 2024
The Island (1980)
114 min.
Directed by Michael Ritchie.
With Michael Caine, David Warner, Angela Punch McGregor, Frank Middlemass, Don Henderson, Zakes Mokae, Jeffrey Frank.
Adapted by JAWS author Peter Benchley from his own novel.

Michael Caine is Blair Maynard, a British reporter who is investigating strange and mysterious disappearances in the Caribbean.

After his plane crash lands in the ocean, he and his son seek refuge on a nearby island. But they're not alone. Suddenly, they're captured by a group of would-be pirates (led by the excellent David Warner).

Blair watches helplessly as the modern-day thugs brainwash his son, and induct him into their savage lifestyle, which includes raiding nearby ships, murdering the passengers, and stealing their goods for survival.

Will the unlucky reporter be able to escape the gang's clutches? Will he be able to get his son back?

Overly long and mean-spirited at times, this has some good amounts of gore to hold your interest. Unfortunately, slow pacing, bland characterizations and trite dialogue keep it from being anything other than a guilty pleasure.

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