15 July 2024
Inseminoid (1980)
92 min.
Directed by Norman J. Warren.
With Judy Geeson, Robin Clarke, Jennifer Ashley, Stephanie Beacham, Steven Grieves, Victoria Tennant.
This crazy science fiction/horror hybrid is also known as Horror Planet.

Geeson is interplanetary scientist Sandy who has had the unfortunate dishonor of having been hideously raped by a vile monster beast from outer space.

Worse still, when Sandy starts getting the knack for some pretzels, barbecue sauce and ice cream at 3 in the morning, WATCH OUT!

Turns out the unassuming young gal is now with alien child...and unfortunately she's beyond bonkers too, as she sets about chopping up her colleagues and co-workers in gory fashion.

This low budget entry clearly owes a debt of influence to Ridley Scott's ALIEN. But thanks to director Warren, this variation on a theme has got its own unique mood and lays claim to a certain late-nite charm.

Geeson (from the creepy Spanish horror A Candle for the Devil et al) is always pleasant to see.

Director Warren also helmed the above average Terror (1978), and also the really weird Prey (1978).

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