21 May 2024
Hospital Massacre (1981)
88 min.
Directed by Boaz Davidson.
With Barbi Benton, Chip Lucia, Jon Van Ness, Den Surles, Gay Austin, John Warner Williams.
This rather lackluster hospital slasher is also known as Be My Valentine, or Else.

A psycho with a scalpel stalks bounteous Benton through endless hospital corridors, leaving a pile of bloody bodies strewn behind.

Turns out said loony has a score from the past to settle (who doesn't?).

Functions primarily as a showcase for Hugh Hefner gal Benton to undress and breathe in a lot...check out that 'examination' scene.

Still...buxom Barbi tries her best, and in the right mood and right time, Hospital musters a modicum of fun...

Aficionados of hospital horrors would do significantly better with Visiting Hours (1981).

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