18 June 2024
Horror of the Zombies (1974)
90 min.
Directed by Amando de Ossorio.
With Maria Perschy, Jack Taylor, Carlos Lemos, Manuel de Blas, Barbara Rey, Blanca Estrada.
Good third entry in Amando de Ossorio's Blind Dead series keeps the faith of the previous two outings, by again maximizing the inherent creepiness of the Templar Knights.

Several models are hired for an ad publicity promotion, and take to the ocean to complete their project. But their boat is broadsided by a mysterious 18th century galleon that appears out of the fog.

As they begin to sink, the women find themselves stranded...and are forced to board the creepy, apparently abandoned galleon.

Taking refuge aboard the lonely ship, the gals soon discover the ship's owners are our friends the Templar Knights...and they're on board en masse.

And let's just say the Templars are not impressed with the gals.

More mayhem ensues when a rescue squad is sent out to find the missing girls...

Also known either as Ghost Ship of the Blind Dead or as The Ghost Galleon.

Spanish title: El Buque Maldito.

Followed by one last Blind Dead sequel: Night of the Death Cult (1975).

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