19 April 2024
Homebodies (1974)
96 min.
Directed by Larry Yust.
With Paula Trueman, Frances Fuller, William Hanson, Ian Wolfe, Ruth McDevitt, Peter Brocco, Linda Marsh, Douglas Fowley.
This strong, unusual horror film is about a group of senior citizens in an old apartment building who are about to be evicted.

First refusing to leave the premises, they then begin killing whoever tries to get them to move out. Sort of a "senior squatters" tale turns black comedy-horror.

This was filmed in Cincinnati, Ohio during an urban renewal program, and director Larry Yust perfectly captures the feeling of urban decay.

All the actors are first-rate, in particular Paula Trueman as Mattie, the group ringleader. Sometimes humorous, sometimes scary in her zeal to kill, she reminds us of Ruth Gordon.

This movie has been described as a heartwarming horror story, which it certainly is.

Definitely worth tracking down.

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