18 June 2024
Home Sweet Home (1980)
84 min.
Directed by Nettie Peña.
With Jake Steinfeld, Sallee Elyse, Peter de Paula, Vanessa Shaw, Don Edmunds, Charles Hoyes, David Mielke, Leia Naron, Lisa Rodríguez.
Wotta turkey!

A deranged head case (fitness trainer Steinfeld) escapes from an asylum and somehow winds his way to the Bradley family's Thanksgiving celebration...where he proceeds to kill the unsuspecting clan one by one!

And none too soon, frankly.

This worthless holiday slasher builds zero suspense, due in part to one of the splatter genre's most unsympathetic casts (need proof? Exhibit A: offkey crooner Rodríguez, and an electric guitar-playing mime vie for who can be the most irritating).

Muscle stud wannabe Steinfeld clearly tries his best...and comes up with a quirky, cackling, grunting imitation of a psycho that's neither scary nor interesting (think Freeman in Silent Night, Deadly Night Part 2).

So, with little going for it, this dried bird won't impress anyone, and may just push a select few into the abyss of insanity! Most bizarre scene? The mime pleads for his life with the killer ('I'll play guitar for you!').

Also known as Slasher in the House.

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