27 May 2024
Haunts (1976)
96 min.
Directed by Herb Freed.
With May Britt, Cameron Mitchell, Aldo Ray, William Gray Espy, Kendall Jackson, E.J. Andre, Ben Hammer, Susan Nohr, Robert Hippard.
A difficult but rewarding slasher-cum-psychological character study.

Quiet rural woman Ingrid (Britt) maintains a relatively tranquil life...farm chores, grocery shopping, choir rehearsals.

But when a rapist/killer in a ski mask begins terrorizing the area and knifing women with scissors, Ingrid finds her name is at the top of the psycho's list.

Slowly, Ingrid's security begins to unravel...Will she be able to discern real threats from her own private nightmares?

Haunts certainly beats to a different drum but is a rather mesmerizing watch, thanks to Britt's subdued (& fragile) performance as well as the sad conclusion/revelation. Excellent flashback editing from Ingrid's childhood.

Beautiful score by Pino Donaggio.

Aka The Veil.

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