19 April 2024
Frenzy (1972)
116 min.
Directed by Alfred Hitchcock.
With Jon Finch, Barry Foster, Barbara Leigh-Hunt, Anna Massey, Alec McCowen, Bernard Cribbins, Vivien Merchant, Michael Bates, Jean Marsh.
Hitchcock's next to last film was this solid thriller-slasher.

London is terrorized by a 'neck tie murderer' who rapes and kills his hapless female victims.

When bartender Finch is implicated in the crimes, he finds little support from friend Foster...the real sex-warped psycho at large.

A well written script by Anthony Shaffer (1978's Absolution) and enthusiastic performances from Finch and Foster complement Hitch's still pitch perfect direction.

Humor and horror mix expertly here (as only Hitch can do), most notably the effective parsing of information at Inspector Oxford's dinner table.

The scene of Foster's assault on Leigh-Hunt remains harrowing to this day.

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