30 May 2024
Diary of a Teenage Hitchhiker (1979)
96 min.
Directed by Ted Post.
With Charlene Tilton, Dick Van Patten, Katherine Helmond, Shelly Batt, Karlene Crockett, Brad David Stockton, Dominique Dunne, Christopher Knight, Craig T. Nelson, James Carroll Jordan.
Plucky Charlene Tilton is radiant in this suspenseful Made-for-TV cautionary tale about a group of female friends for whom "hitchin' a ride" is a way of life.

But what starts out innocently enough soon turns into a game of Russian roulette for the girls as not one - but two - separate psychopaths are stalking the area.

The cast of familiar faces is good, particularly golden-smiled Tilton of Dallas fame (one wishes that she had appeared in more thrillers of this type).

A nice scenic coastal California setting is among the highlights, while the downbeat ending is both realistic and appropriate.

Great (fetishistic) cut shots of the psycho and his black muscle car...the chrome grill, the humming muffler, the shadowy figure inside.

You might just think twice about the once popular yet risky mode of transportation after watching this one...

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