21 May 2024
Demonoid (1981)
78 min.
Directed by Alfredo Zacarias.
With Samantha Eggar, Stuart Whitman, Roy Jenson, Lew Saunders, Narciso Busquets, José Chávez.
Outrageously silly horror.

Deep in a Mexican silver mine, Jennifer Baines (Eggar) and her husband (Jenson) unearth an ancient temple of devil worship.

Inside they find a hand-shaped coffin which they decide to open...but find only dust enclosed.

Soon, however the spirit of a powerful cult demon lives again, possessing the left hand of those around Jennifer and killing any who would stop its quest for control. Priest Cunningham (Whitman) teams up with Eggar to put an end to this single-handed madness.

Sound crazy? It all is, but remains strangely watchable due in no small part to the presence of classy Eggar. An uneven (but spirited) plot arc and out-of-left-field moments make this subpar effort worth a giggle. Best scene: the offbeat 'black cop wants a surgeon to cut his hand off' sequence. Fun ending too.

Also known as Demonoid, Messenger of Death.

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