21 May 2024
Deathdream (1972)
90 min.
Directed by Bob Clark.
With John Marley, Lynn Carlin, Richard Backus, Henderson Forsythe, Anya Ormsby, Jane Daly, Michael Mazes, Arthur Anderson, Arthur Bradley.
Excellent horror film from director Bob Clark (Black Christmas) with this retelling of W.W. Jacobs' ghost story The Monkey's Paw published in 1902.

Young Andy Brooks (Backus) returns home from the Vietnam War to his family, friends and girlfriend.

There's only one problem. Andy is dead. Literally.

And he needs fresh human blood to survive in his undead state.

A poignant first half of Deathdream yields to a superb zombie finale. Backus is haunting as the tormented, nihilistic Andy; the early gore makeup by Savini will please the genre fan.

The climax at the drive-in theatre is top notch, while the heartbreaking final shots in the cemetery are dead on.

Also known as The Night Andy Came Home and The Night Walk.

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