21 May 2024
Death Valley (1982)
90 min.
Directed by Dick Richards.
With Paul Le Mat, Catherine Hicks, Peter Billingsley, Stephen McHattie, Edward Herrmann, Wilford Brimley, Mary Steelsmith, Jack O'Leary, Gina Christian, Kirk Kiskella.
This desert slasher boasts a surprising amount of slice n dice!

Scenic Death Valley is home to a psycho who viciously murders various locals via his trusty knife.

But when young tourist Billy (Billingsley) innocently stumbles upon one of the madman's fresh crimes, he soon realizes the killer won't let him return home alive!

Solid acting (especially from Billingsley who delivers a simple, believable performance without any pretense) highlight this enjoyable splatter effort which doesn't shy away from the red stuff.

Tweaking the standard slasher formula, Death Valley replaces the archetypal final girl with a young boy...a risky gamble that works.

The unique desert setting (aptly utilized here) only enhances an already fun ride.

Best scene: the death of sheriff Brimley by pickax...a worthy jump shock moment.

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