21 May 2024
Death Kiss (1974)
80 min.
Directed by Costas Karagiannis.
With George Bartis, Dorothy Moore, Leslie Bowman, Dimitris Bislanis, Angela Cilentro, Yiorgos Economou, Fragoulis Fragoulis, Jane Paterson, Lakis Komninos, Vagelis Seilinos.
Occasionally lively thriller about a coldhearted husband who plots to have his wealthy wife killed so that he can enjoy life with his mistress.

But when your hired assassin of choice is a psychotic serial sex murderer in his own right...things can go a little wrong.

This Greek horror has some nice touches (most notably some interesting story twists), but is generally hampered by a lack of any redeeming characters whatsoever. The climax at least provides a modicum of justice.

Also known as The Rape Killer and also Eglima sto kavouri.

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