21 May 2024
Death Cruise (1974)
74 min.
Directed by Ralph Senesky.
With Celeste Holm, Kate Jackson, Tom Bosley, Polly Bergen, Michael Constantine, Edward Albert, Richard Long, Cesare Danova.
Enjoyable (if somewhat laid back) Love Boat meets Agatha Christie-style whodunnit.

Three separate married couples win first prize in a low key sweepstakes. The gift?

An all expense paid pleasure cruise on a luxury ocean liner. But soon the six hapless individuals begin to meet untimely deaths.

Who set up the phony ruse to get them all there? More importantly, who could be behind the sinister murders? Constantine plays the doctor on the ship who unravels the plot.

Takes a while to get going, but who cares?

Put on your madras shorts and get ready for some shuffleboard because the cast is so terrific (particularly Holm, Bosley and the lovely Jackson) that you hardly notice.

Director Senesky, a TV series veteran, does a more than able job with this classy production from the inimitable Spelling/Goldberg canon.

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