21 May 2024
Deadly Blessing (1981)
102 min.
Directed by Wes Craven.
With Maren Jensen, Ernest Borgnine, Lois Nettleton, Sharon Stone, Lisa Hartman, Susan Buckner, Colleen Riley, Jeff East, Michael Berryman.
Wes Craven's fifth film was this supernatural-themed slasher.

Set in the Amish community, farmer Jim Schmidt is mysteriously killed by his own tractor. His widow Martha (Jensen) and her visiting friends Lana and Vicki (Stone, Buckner) begin to be terrorized by the forme oppressive Hittite in-laws, headed by a fierce Borgnine.

It seems the oppressively strict Hittite locals believe Martha could be "the incubus," some sort of devil which spawns evil. So they're out to quash her for good!

Meanwhile, it would seem that whatever strange force - or killer - was responsible for Jim's demise is still at work. More bodies are piling up, and the girls genuinely wonder if they'll live to see another day!

Handicapped by a convoluted story and disparate post-script ending, this slightly underrated film still boasts a few of Craven's scariest set-ups yet.

The scene of Stone being stalked in a barn is fabulous, while there's a terrific original score courtesy of James Horner, and the whole thing benefits from the authentic Texas locales.

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