21 May 2024
Day of the Animals (1977)
96 min.
Directed by William Girdler.
With Christropher George, Lynda Day George, Leslie Nielsen, Ruth Roman, Richard Jaeckel, Michael Ansara, Andrew Stevens, Paul Mantee, Jon Cedar, Susan Backlinie, Walter Barnes, Michelle Stacy, Kathleen Bracken.
A neglected gem and possibly director Girdler's best horror.

A group of hikers are dropped by helicopter into the middle of a densely wooded mountain range for a little survival fun. Little do the campers realize that a severe deficiency in the environment's ozone layer is causing all wild animals to go nutso berserk.

Fatal attacks by demented birds, cougars, dogs, bears and more ensue.

A pleasant & diverse cast delivers an excellent team performance, including both Georges as well as Leslie Nielsen as the out of control advertising man who just needs a little bear hug.

Shot with gusto by Girdler (1976's Grizzly), notable highlights include a 'falling death by birds' sequence and a touching scene of a young child helplessly left on her own among the rabid creatures.

Also known as Something Is Out There.

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