21 May 2024
Dawn of the Mummy (1981)
91 min.
Directed by Frank Agrama.
With Brenda King, Joan Levy, Ellen Faison, Ali Azab, Dianne Beatty, Ali Gohar, Ibrahim Khan.
Utterly fun zombie sleeper.

Evil ruler Safiraman is mummified and entombed for all eternity...until several treasure-seeking thugs decide to unearth the old boy. True transgression reigns, however, when a group of New York fashion models stumble upon the mummy's tomb and decide to shoot their latest photo spreads within the shrine.

The ancient mummy rises, along with his flesh-eating zombie protector slaves and the undead begin to exact revenge upon the cursed violators.

Excellent gore makeup and a surprisingly menacing (& bloody) final third make this an enjoyable watch.

The scene of Safiraman's zombies rising from the desert's dawn-drenched sands is nicely done.

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