21 February 2024
Curse of the Faceless Man (1958)
67 min.
Directed by Edward L. Cahn.
With Richard Anderson, Adele Mara, Elaine Edwards, Luis Van Rooten, Gar Moore, Felix Locher, Jan Arvan, Bob Bryant.
Christopher Robinson
From the director of Invasion of the Saucer Men comes this gem you could have missed by blinking.

In the year 79 AD. Mount Vesuvius erupted, encasing the ancient Roman city of Pompeii in petrified ash. Flash forward centuries later and deadly curses begin to befall those who cross paths with a mysterious Pompeii mummy. The concerned parties search for the truth behind the terrible mayhem as time -- and the film's budget -- runs out.

Well made, considering its limitations, and reminiscent of 1932’s The Mummy, it features an early role for Richard Anderson, ‘Oscar’ from The Bionic Woman and The Six Million Dollar Man. The title monster is also intriguing and horrific.

A refreshing twist on the traditional Egyptian mummy horror story.

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