19 April 2024
Bunny Lake is Missing (1965)
107 min.
Directed by Otto Preminger.
With Carol Lynley, Laurence Olivier, Keir Dullea, Noel Coward, Martita Hunt, Finlay Currie, Anna Massey.
Somewhat obvious mystery about a woman (Lynley) whose young daughter disappears after being dropped off at an English day care center. When no one remembers seeing the girl, it begins to seem possible that the tyke never even existed.

Does the mother have a vivid imagination or is someone trying to drive her crazy? Martita Hunt is delightful as the batty old founder of the nursery, while Olivier is subtle and effective as the lead inspector on the case.

Nicely shot, with some atmospheric moments but despite a heartfelt turn by the lovely female lead, Dullea really stumbles in this one...his clumsy performance as Lynley's brother hampers the story.

By the prolonged - and unconvincing - conclusion...you may end up singing to yourself the immortal words of Peggy Lee...is that all there is?

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