19 April 2024
Boarding House (1982)
88 min.
Directed by John Wintergate.
With John Wintergate, Alexandra Day, Kalassu, Brian Bruderlin, Belma Kora, Tracy O'Brian, Mary McKinley, Rosane Woods, Cindy Williamson, Christopher Conlan.
Irredeemable grade extra Z slasher trash. And by "Z," we mean to say "Zzzzzzzzz..."

The Hoffman House opens its doors to boarders years after a series of notorious murders darkened its halls...but unfortunately the mayhem isn't over yet! Soon, poor girls are paying the rent with their lives as they die one by one. What sinister shadow inside Hoffman House is determined to purge the boarders' list?

Amateurish from beginning to end, with nary a moment's scare. Might provide some amusement for those who prefer their horror cheap and uncooked; for everyone else, it's a total bore. Would have been better if it had been trimmed down by say, 87 minutes or so.

Also known as Housegeist.

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