19 April 2024
The Bloodstained Butterfly (1971)
93 min.
Directed by Duccio Tessari.
With Helmut Berger, Giancarlo Sbragia, Ida Galli, Silvano Tranquilli, Wendy D'Olive, Günther Stoll, Carole André.
Subdued giallo worth a look.

A young French girl is murdered in the park, brutally stabbed by an unknown assailant with a switchblade. After several eyewitnesses identify the killer as a local television personality, the perp is convicted and imprisoned. But soon someone with a blade is killing in the exact same manner...if the man in jail is innocent, who's out there stalking? Could it be unbalanced young Giorgio (Berger)? How about the accused man's wife (giallo regular Galli)? And what could be the psycho's motive?

Lowkey, but stimulating enough in the right spots (not unlike Bazzoni's The Fifth Cord), this has a beautiful score and a decent revelation ending to recommend it.

Italian: Una Farfalla con le ali insanguinate.

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