19 April 2024
Blood of the Zombie (1961)
72 min.
Directed by Barry Mahon.
With Monica Davis, John MacKay, Linda Ormand, Clyde Kelly, Darlene Myrick.
Rare undead effort.

Worried sick that her cousin John will kick her out of the ancestral Louisiana plantation she calls home, demented Monica (Davis) uses tribal voodoo to resurrect her dead brother Jonas...and then sends the walking stiff out on missions of murder.

Odd viewing to be sure (particularly the first third peppered with scenes of New Orleans jazz), but strangely compelling thanks both to an earnest mood that characterizes the whole endeavor as well as Kelly's decently done rise(s) from the Carlton family tomb. Lacks gore, but zombie completists would do well to seek this one out and soak up this rather early living dead entry.

Also known as The Dead One.

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