19 April 2024
Blood Legacy (1971)
85 min.
Directed by Carl Monson.
With John Carradine, Faith Domergue, John Russell, Jeff Morrow, Merry Anders, Richard Davalos, Brooke Mills.
Agatha Christie meets Tennessee Williams in this sudsy Ten Little Indians variation with slasher overtones. (And if that opener didn't grab ya, read on...)

Millionaire Carradine bites the dust and bequeaths his ungrateful family heirs the bulk of an enormous estate...if they can hang around the ancestral home for a week.

But soon the poor cads are dropping like flies, via beheading, electrocution and bee stings. Is there a greedy murderer in the family and if so who could it be? Overly talky, this low budget entry has some fun-loving gore to its credit (the gooey bee maiming is a nasty bit and the double-electrocution is a nice touch), but unfortunately the whole mess takes too long to get rolling and the death sequences can't muster enough payoff.

The weird 'dysfunctional flashbacks' and silly ending only worsen matters..even for such Grand Guignol fare as this.

Also known as Legacy of Blood.

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