15 April 2024
Blood Freak (1972)
80 min.
Directed by Brad F. Grinter.
With Steve Hawkes, Dana Cullivan, Heather Hughes, Bob Currier, Anne Shearin, Linda Past, Debbie Smith, Sandy Kneelen, Domink Grutta, Randy Grinter.
Are you a cinema masochist? Do you enjoy your C-movies chock full of atrocious acting, ludicrous plotting, and bargain basement production values? Do you demand your horror sleaze be punctuated by bumbling sex, little sophistication, and tons of hokey symbolism? Then this bird's for you!

Unemployed muscle man Herschell (Hawkes) is looking for a job, when he meets religious nut Angel (Hughes) and her nympho sister Ann (Cullivan). The two gals are equally crazy, but at least Herschell gets some honest work out of the situation, namely as a handy man at a nearby turkey-raising farm. There, he volunteers to test an experimental drug being injected into young Thanksgiving turkeys.

Unfortunately, the drug transforms Herschell into a mutant turkey-monster who must kill in order to sate his insane cravings for fresh human blood! Sound loopy? Oh, it is, friend, it is.

There's not much to recommend this fowl drive-in by product; Hawkes does his best, but the low rent performances from Cullivan and Hughes undermine any tension Blood Freak could have hoped to achieve. The Turkey Creature amputating the leg of one of his male victims gives this show one of its few chills, but even so, it's more kooky circus fun than true terror.

Skip it.

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